Studio "D&D" - a team of professionals who will save the happy moments of your life, not missing any important detail and no unique emotion!

Darina Derzkaya is a photographer. "Before I got into photography, I tried a lot, I looked for myself in different spheres of activity. Now it seems to me that everything is in its proper place.

For more than 8 years I’ve been working in this field, moving farther and farther, realizing that the photo is the main part of my life. It's interesting every day to learn this amazing world of photography and I'm proud that I have a direct relationship to this art. During my work I met many interesting people, each of my models is individual and to each I find a certain approach, helping to liberate and feel comfortable, which is important enough. My special love is a wedding. An inexpressible feeling when you have time to "catch" the moment, it’s the one that is most important, tremulous and sincere. Family values, love, support - that's what matters. And whoever but we, photographers and videographers can transfer these feelings and save them for many years.

Dima Stolpnik is a videographer. "If only 7 years ago someone told me that I would be engaged in filming, I probably would never believed it. Even there was no thought. It was interesting to watch various videos, promo videos and more but could never imagine myself as a videographer. And yet I began to try, at first it was difficult, editing the video took all the free time, but we all learn and eventually everything turned out. I made my first video 6 years ago. During my work there were a lot of interesting shootings, a huge number of weddings, various Love stories with an incredibly positive and romantic storyline, commercials, reports and much more. This is so addictive that it is difficult to imagine a day without at least half an hour of editing. We’re trying to put the maximum in our work, and in return the best reward for us is a satisfied customer!